Main research areas:

  • Continental shelf and slope dynamics in the Bay of Biscay with a specific focus on (sub)mesoscales and fronts and their interannual variability in the frame of the climate change.
    • ENIGME project (LEFE/GMMC) – 2014-2017
    • COCTO project (Coastal Ocean Continuum in surface Topography Observations – CNES) – 2016-2019
    • IMECO project (Intermittence multi-échelles de champs océaniques: analyse comparative d’images satellitaires et de sorties de modèles numériques – LEFE-MANU) – 2018-2019



  • Coastal In Situ Observing networks (high frequency measurements) – Driving and Designing
    • Coordination of COAST-HF (Coastal ocean observing system – High frequency)
    • Contribution to Coriolis and RESOMAR
    • ROEC (Réseau d’Observation [Haute-Fréquence] de l’Environnement Côtier (CPER)
    • JERICO-NEXT project (H2020)
    • AtlantOS project (H2020)
    • MyCOAST project (Interreg Atlantic Area)
    • EXTREMIME project (Inter-Centres Ifremer)


  • co-Development and diffusion of Python tools for oceanography – the VACUMM library